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A dynamic and innovative approach to coaching and training designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses that have a real desire to take their first steps, with their team, towards a change in LEAN culture at both strategic and operational levels

Simple, effective and proven, our style will positively impact your team’s commitment to goals that make sense.

Step-by-step, team-based approach towards a real change in culture:

  • All geared towards business strategies
  • Awakening of the team and awareness of the issues, objectives and evolution of the team on a daily basis
  • Team aware of the sources of wastes and their ability to take charge of the analysis, research and implementation of simple, effective and sustainable solutions
  • Occupational health and safety becomes a priority for everyone and is addressed strategically on a daily basis
  • Enhanced and effective communications on a daily basis.
  • The climate will change and gradually we will replace the mode “We look for a culprit” by “We resolve together the wastes logically”
  • Autonomy and empowerment of each member of the team multiplies
  • Quickly, the leader (s) will feel that they are no longer alone and carry all the weight on their shoulders. Naturally, they will have renewed confidence in their team and will delegate more. Thus, they will invest in more strategic tasks.

Immediate gains in efficiency of 20 to 30%.

Marked impact on the professional image of your company

Clean and well-organized departments

Significant decrease in errors and retries

Sentiment of instant trust when you present and show your departments to your current and future clients as well as your suppliers et business partners.

Proud to present images of your company on the web, social networks and professional documents

Regularly, we will propose to your team improvements and follow-ups so that the LEAN culture becomes natural