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BLEAN will assist you in deploying a Lean approach adapted to your company. You will develop the necessary skills to initiate and perfect a Lean culture specific to your company. Quickly and with little effort, your entire organization will be able to see the benefits of integrating Lean tools.



Team operation

Contribution style, managing change, resistance to change and how to lead and facilitate a meeting.

Continuous improvement

The 5 lean guiding principles, the 8 sources of waste, the Lean approach, the Lean Six Sigma approach, the DMAAC approach and the Kaizen approach.

Basic problem-solving tools

The 5's why’s, PCCF or MRP, matrix effort benefit, the 6M, cause-and-effect diagram, AMDEC, brainstorming, pareto and PFVA.

Control of procedures and processes

FIPEC, Value Chain Mapping, Process Control Charter, SMED set-uptime, ISMEC, MAT, Poka-Yoke Keyer and Kanban.

Mastery of equipment and department

5S, TRG or OEE, equipment criticality workshop and risk assessment.


Theoretical training and, above all, where white, green or black belts, LEAN and or Kaizen coaches and experts in the use of LEAN tools can be found.